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Hire a Hitman: Worldwide aggregator of contract killings. Assassins organization which works in any civilized country of the world!

Our organization is an aggregator of killer services. We have our own recruiting centers for hiring military mercenaries and their conversion to work as killers in modern cities. Our services are relevant in all civilized countries, and our “sleeping cells” of ready-to-work killers are available in all major cities of the world without exception. You order – our mercenaries perform.
We have at our disposal both well-organized groups based on rapid response facilities (bases), and hundreds of top private performers with different levels of training.

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More details about our organization system can be found in the corresponding section of our website. Use the site menu in the top left corner if you are using a smartphone.


Our standard list of services is provided at a fixed price, unless your victim is a high-profile political figure or a highly protected person with armed bodyguards.
Even serious businessmen and average politicians without armed bodyguards are quoted at a standard fixed price.
For our killers, it doesn’t matter who the victim is, the price of the service can increase only in one case – if there is an armed guard.

The prices for our services are not cheap. We work for real, and therefore if you are looking for a performer for $ 100, then look for him among street drug addicts, alcoholics and other unreliable and stupid personalities who will either not be able to fulfill the order or will give you into the hands of the police.

The list of services and prices is relevant for all countries and cities:

1) Murder of the “street” standard. The killer uses a firearm, knife or hammer to kill. By default, a street robbery is staged. The smartphone is taken away from the murdered victim, and the wallet is thrown next to the corpse empty without money and credit cards. The police in most countries strongly and unambiguously write this off as “ordinary robbery” because having an unsolved contract killing is a big problem.
Service price150.000$
Lead time from 1 to 7 days.

2) Poisoning by the transdermal method of introducing poison.

Service price – 500.000$
Lead time from 1 to 7 days.

3) Kidnapping followed by murder and disposal of the body Service price – $1.200.000
Lead time from 3 to 14 days.

4) Organization of the accident. The plot of the accident is made up of performers. This case is individual and is completely determined by the performer, not the customer. The customer can only advise on likely methods, such as staging a car accident. But since the task of a guaranteed “accident” is set before the performer, it is he who chooses the most realistic method so that the police and experts believe in the accident of what happened.
Service price – 2.000.000$
Lead time from 7 to 14 days.

Our website only accepts paid orders.

We don’t work for free.

Due to the fact that dozens and hundreds of outright spam letters are written to our contact emails and instant messengers, such as requests to kill someone for free, or every riffraff writes pleas to give him a gun with a silencer and send a killer to work – we ignore all letters and messages except those which are written on the fact of the perfect payment for the order with the details of the order.

It is the perfect payment according to the bitcoin requisite we have opened on the site that activates the execution of the order and the establishment of contact with you, and not the email with the text “I am ready to pay” that we often write to attract our attention and chat and talk as a result without paying anything and without ordering.

We don’t have the time or inclination to entertain anyone with conversation. Therefore, the order curator will contact only those who send an email with the heading “I paid” in which there will be a screenshot of the payment and a link to the bitcoin transaction. Letters without payment are ignored.

We require standard data for ordering:
1) Name Surname of the Victim
2) 10 photos are more than enough, but at least one.
3) Addresses of the place of residence and work of the victim, data on the presence of a car.
It is desirable to add a maximum of any information, but at least this above minimum is sufficient. If necessary, we will find out the rest ourselves. There are people for this too.

In order to pay our services or goods you need to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

We are criminal service and do not accept payment in other ways such as credit cards, Paypal, bank accounts, etc.
Only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

First you will need to register on one of the cryptocurrency exchangers and buy bitcoin in any way convenient for you, such as paying the credit card. After that, Bitcoin will be credited to your account balance on the exchange exchange. From there you can send Bitcoin to our wallet transaction. 


Please note that the Commission for the exchange of money on Bitcoin on the stock exchange you pay. Thus, you will need an average of + 3000-5000 € more than the order amount to pay for it.

Example, taking into account the exchange of Bitcoin, to buy a service at € 150.000, you will need € 155,000 +/-
But two different exchanges with private exchange proposals, everything is individually, all private exchangers have their own commissions, limits, payment options and conditions. Exchanges can be contacted by different ways to quickly communicate and discuss the conditions.

You can filter out the search for the country, the city, the city, the payment method and the desired cryptocurrency. From the list of private suggestions, try to choose exchangers with a well-established reputation. Before you pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency, any exchanger enrolls it on the balance of the exchange in the Holder freeze deposit. The exchange performs an intermediary function. In some cases, it is possible to agree on other terms of exchange individually.



Check with specific exchangers in more detail.
1) https://localcryptos.com
2) https://agoradesk.com

If you really need our services, you can easily deal with this simple payment process. Other options besides the payment of cryptocurrency, we do not accept.

Hire a hitman – rent a hitman online service.




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Hitman earnings in Canada and abroad
Naturally, there is no exact data on the killer’s income. According to unconfirmed reports, domestic contract killings, when one of the spouses wants to get rid of the other for a very good inheritance, can be paid in the range of 400-500 thousand dollars. In any case, no more than 8,000 dollars. Naturally, much depends on the personality of the victim. If this is a poor, quiet and unknown person, then his elimination can cost the customer a much smaller amount. There are cases when a person was killed for $5,000… You won’t believe it, but in the USA a would-be killer (a local alcoholic) who committed a contract murder for $500 was recently detained! The elimination of famous personalities, politicians of the level of Boris Jacksonson or a major authority of the underworld is very expensive. Moreover, it is not so easy to find a performer, since not every killer will undertake such work. According to some reports, such murders cost more than 50 thousand dollars.

“The owner of this site specializes in providing illegal services to customers for a fee. According to journalists, he is involved in organizing the murder of two people and preparing for the murder, the acquisition and sale of weapons and ammunition. The service operates on the condition of anonymity using network conspiracies”

According to the investigators, they brought together the customers of the murders and the perpetrators in the so-called darknet – the shadow segment of the Internet. This virtual phenomenon came to the World Wide Web relatively recently, but has already become an effective tool in the illegal activities of international criminal groups. Hire a killer Buy weapons, illegal substances, order the murder of a person using the darknet – it was exotic. For the time being, experts say.

“Traditional communication channels are becoming less secure in order to be completely sure of their anonymity, and criminals go to the network in which it is impossible to find and identify the person from whose computer this or that ad was posted or this or that message was sent”

The darknet system itself allows you to hide the network address of the computer from which the attacker accesses the World Wide Web. It is very difficult to detect a criminal using hardware methods. But there is a caveat, experts say. Hire a hitman and rent a killer on our site online You can order the kidnapping.

The darknet hire a hitman is a virtual environment, but here you can order a murder or hire a hitman for money.

In the US, killers earn much more. In one of the interviews, an American lawyer told a journalist that the contract killing of a famous person in the United States costs between 30,000 and 350,000 dollars. At the same time, professional killers working alone, of course, get more, since team work is paid much more modestly – about 20 thousand dollars to each of the participants.

In popular culture, the image of a killer is strongly associated with a gallant killing machine, which, despite this, is not alien to kindness and compassion. That John Wick, sentimentally avenging the murder of a dog, that Agent 47, standing up for a little girl – despite their craft, they do not seem like monsters to us.

But in real life, as is often the case, things are different. Hired killers left a long bloody trail in history from their activities. We will follow this trail. Enough romance, meet real hitmen.

John Childs
John Childs was one of the most brutal hitmen in British history. The exact number of his victims could not be established. The bodies were also not found. John himself said that upon completion of the work he carried out a three-stage ritual to destroy the body.

First, he crushed it, then passed it through a meat grinder and, to top it off, burned all the remains. Of course, such troubles and difficulties paid well.

And this harmless chubby was the most dangerous killer in Britain
The first contract for the murder brought the killer $ 3,000. The career-opening victim was businessman John Brett. Childs also killed the ten-year-old son of the victim, who was not lucky enough to be a witness. Further, the price of services was increased. The second goal, for example, was already worth $6,700.

The mercenary’s career lasted four years, from November 1974 to October 1978. The work experience was short, but intense. It is not known for certain how many targets were taken out by John. However, he was found guilty of six murders.

The most interesting thing in the whole story of John Childs is the reason for his detention. Despite the specifics of the activity, he was arrested for a series of bank robberies. And only after that detention for robberies, he confessed to contract killings.

Rodney Charles Collins
One of Agent 47’s iconic moves is social stealth. Cross-dressing is an integral part of the bald killer. In real history, there were also mercenaries using similar tactics.

Don’t you think that he even looks like the face of the 47th?
Rodney Collins is known far beyond Britain. The area of ​​​​its activity is hot Australia. Rodney received the status of “successful house killer.” He was known by various aliases, such as “Duke”, “Fox”, and “Cherokee”.

Dressing up was his thing. He got hold of a cop suit and made a fake warrant. Coming to the house to the victims, he tied them up, and locked the children in the bedroom. Next came the murder. Another perverse trick – the first to discover the corpses were those same locked children.

The first target to be removed in this way was drug dealer Ray Abbey and his wife on July 27, 1987. In total, according to the suspicions of the police, Cherokee killed ten people, but only two cases came out to prove. And even then not for long – the opened business fell apart in 2010. The main and only witness, Rodney’s former employer, was beaten to death with a piece of exercise bike.

Bernard Hanvik
And now it’s time to be impressed. And be horrified. Because the achievements of Childs and Collins are not achievements compared to Hunwick, also known as Barry the Bear. In 1982, he completed at least a hundred contracts, and according to some sources, the figure jumps up to three hundred. So Bernard killed at least two people a week.

Despite such professional zeal, he was convicted only in 1999. The police, along with the FBI, of course, tried to arrest him back in ’82, but they did it too sloppily. The trial was lost, as law enforcement officers were caught forging a search warrant. Thus Hanvik lived for another seventeen years at large.

Bernard Hanvik – killed about 300 people
Bernard Hanwick was described by his employers as a very violent performer. He was said to beat his victims half to death before killing them, even if it wasn’t necessary. One case from Hanvik’s career, apparently, inspired the authors of the first part of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The killer told how once he poured glass into a man’s mouth, after which he began to beat him. Hanvik was paid for the work from $3,000 to $5,000.

He was found guilty of only one murder. The FBI set up an order to eliminate the drug lord and caught the hitman red-handed.

Christopher Flannery
Meet Collins’ rival and another Australian hitman, Christopher Flannery. At home, he had a very original nickname, quite capaciously conveying his essence – Mr. Rent-to-Kill. The killer had special rates for different parts of the body.

Bernard Hanvik – killed about 300 people
Christopher was born in the 48th and from the age of fourteen he was fed by thefts and burglaries. By seventeen, the list of charges had grown: theft, theft of a car, assault on the police, carrying a firearm and rape. For all this lawlessness, the young man was sentenced to seven years in prison.

After his release, Flannery began working as a nightclub bouncer. However, the work quickly got boring and “Mr. Rent-A-Kill” started backing up its moniker with deeds.

Alexander Solonik
Speaking of famous assassins, one cannot fail to mention our compatriot. Alexander Solonik, known in the future as Macedonian, was born in 1960 in Kurgan. At school, the future killer did not show himself in any way and somehow finished the eighth grade. After finishing school, Sasha decided to join the army. He served in Germany, where he happened to watch the training of special forces. Inspired by the military, he decided to become a policeman. However, studying at a higher police school was also not to Alexander’s liking.
Macedonian, in fact, did not know how to shoot with two hands, as Solonik was jokingly called by his friend when he took two pistols in his hands
The first charge, despite what he became famous for, was not related to the murders. The first case brought against Solonik was for rape. He was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in a strict regime colony. However, when the meeting was taking place, Solonik jumped out of the window from the courtroom and disappeared in an unknown direction. Despite the fact that the window was on the second floor, Alexander did not receive visible injuries.
Hiding, Alexander decided that his appearance was quite remarkable. In order to change her, he came to a beauty salon, where he was caught. Once in prison, Solonik immediately began to prepare an escape plan and two years later he escaped through the ventilation.
Makedonsky committed his first contract killing six months after his escape. The victim was the leader of the criminal gang – Nikolai Prichinich. The successful assassination gave impetus to his career and he soon became one of the most sought-after hitmen. His targets were mainly the heads of the factions.
Jimmy Moody
Let’s go back to foggy Albion, where in the 1960s the future James Bond showed promise on the contrary. Jimmy Moody started his career working for one of the British gangsters. However, he soon organized the “Chainsaw Gang”, which became the most successful group of armed robbers of the 70s.
This face graced the lists of “Most Wanted” in 1979
Constant robberies attracted the attention of the police and in 1979 he was arrested. But, since Jimmy also believed that eagles did not sit in a cage, he, along with his cellmate, arranged an escape. After leaving the walls of the Brixon prison, Moody and his partners got to the top of the list of “most wanted”.
Moody soon moved to Belfast, where he began his career as an assassin. The Irish Republican Army became the first employer. Soon the status of “the most famous robber” was replaced by “the most famous mercenary”. If required, Moody could even organize a public execution so that everyone would accept the message of the employers.
Jimmy Moody soon became such a dangerous killer that the British security service sent a whole squad to eliminate him. But these attempts did not lead to anything.
“Take a picture of the type did not kill anyone” (C)
Returning from Ireland to England, Jimmy killed one member of a large crime family. Shortly thereafter, Britain’s most dangerous hitman had the most cinematic death.
On June 1st, 1993, Jimmy Moody sat in a pub drinking peacefully. The clock showed ten o’clock in the evening. A man walked into a bar and ordered a drink. Without touching the mug, he took out a pistol. After that, Jimmy’s chest received four bullets, one piece of lead went to the head, and two more to the back. Everything was done by a professional, but there was one unusual detail – emotions. The killer cursed loudly as he fired.
Roy Demeo
Such a profession as a hired killer could not but find its place in the Italian mafia. Roy DeMeo was one of the members of the Gambino crime family. He was also the head of the Demeo team, which killed at least 70 people in ten years.
In the early 70s of the last century, Roy began to actively inject money into the production of porn films. However, his films turned out to be “unusual”. He liked pictures associated with bestiality, with the participation of minors, as well as snuff. Such inclinations were contrary to the principles of the mafia and Roy was asked to stop with such a “hobby”. Demeo didn’t stop. After the police found checks in his name from the pornographer Paul Rothenberg, Roy was instructed to kill the director. And on June 30, 1973 Rotenberg was found dead.
This funny fat man was afraid of the whole of New York
However, Demeo was known not only for his inclinations. His methods of dealing with victims were also widely known. After the victim was killed, she was hung upside down in the bathroom so that all the blood was glassed. This was done so that during dismemberment, the body would no longer bleed.
According to some estimates, DeMeo killed between 25 and 37 people in his entire career. However, the FBI leadership believes that this number could reach 200 victims.
Ice Man
Another cog in the mafia’s vast machinery was Richard Kukliski. According to some estimates, about 200 people fell from his hands during his entire career. Kuklinsky opened this counter when he was only 13 years old.
These indifferent eyes were seen by about 200 people before their death.

Kuklinsky, among other things, met with our previous hero 

Roy Demeo. Richard owes a large sum to a friend of Demeo’s. After an explanatory conversation, Kuklinsky spent some time in the hospital.

Despite such an unpleasant acquaintance, Demeo became an employer for Richard in the future. Once, when they were riding around the city, Demeo pointed to a random person and ordered him to be killed. Kuklinsky carried out the order without further ado. Thus began the career of the Iceman.

Once he, at the request of a friend, completed an order for his wife and son
For the next 30 years, he just killed people for the mafia. He killed in various ways: with a noose, a pistol, a knife and poison. The latter he considered the best tool. However, fame, along with his nickname, the Iceman received because of his experiments with the effect of low temperatures on decaying bodies. He froze corpses in industrial freezers belonging to the establishments of the Gambino clan.

These experiments eventually landed Richard in prison. One of the corpses he threw into the river did not thaw to the end. From the pieces of ice found in the heart of the victim, the police made some conclusions, which eventually led to the Iceman.

Abe Reles
Abe’s real name is Elkan ben Shimon. Abe was the son of a Jewish immigrant from Austria. And, according to an already established tradition, his inclinations to crime appeared at a young age. At 18, he was arrested for stealing chewing gum from a vending machine.

Is it possible to think that at any moment he can stick an ice pick in your head?
Reles committed his first murder out of revenge. The victim was his boss, Meyer Shapiro. Once Shapiro severely beat him with his friends, and took Reles’ girlfriend to the field and raped him, after also beating him. Skinny Abe was unable to endure this and shot the offender two months later. Two brothers of the former boss were also killed, one of them was buried alive by Reles.

Later, Reles became a full-time mafia killer, or rather a secret organization Murder Inc. (Murder Inc.). He was given the nickname Kid Twist. The main murder weapon was an ice pick. The twist pierced it into the temple of the victim with a pinpoint blow, after which she experienced terrible suffering for several minutes and only then death occurred.

Police estimate that Reles killed at least a thousand people. However, among his victims were not only custom-made individuals, but also ordinary people. So he could kill a car washer for missing a spot on his car.

More than a thousand people are on his hands of death
Of course, having such a number in the track record, it is impossible to go unnoticed. In 1940, Abe Reles was arrested. But realizing that the electric chair was shining for him, the most dangerous killer of his time quickly turned into an accommodating witness.

Kid Twist surrendered almost the entire top of the Murder Corporation and was found dead on November 12, 1941. The body lay under the hotel where he had received asylum. There are two versions of what happened. According to the first, he tried to escape, fell down due to negligence. The second is much more realistic – he was killed by paid policemen.

After the death of Abe, Reles acquired another nickname – Canary. They said about him: “The canary sang well, but flew badly.”

And what can be the conclusion? Hitmen are not dark romantics, but psychopaths. Maniacs, akin to serial killers, who are lucky to put their business on stream and make a living from it. They had no principles, no conscience, only price tags.

And, of course, the fictional Hitman was much more accurate and efficient in his work – no traces and stupid evidence. No excessive cruelty and madness – only a competent calculation, nothing personal. Aesthetics and taste. So thanks for reading, but forget about these scumbags.


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