Poisoning a person costs much more than a simple murder, despite the fact that in the execution of this case it is not as dangerous as shooting a gun in the street.

The poisoning we practice is transdermal.

The task of the killer is simply to touch the victim. For example, a gloved hand whose fingers are pre-soaked in a poisoned gel. We use poisons made in our laboratories, at your choice it will be possible to choose the direction of action of the poison after payment.

There are poisons that cause a powerful pseudo-heart attack, there are poisons that cause a pseudo-stroke. Death 100%.

Medical examination is not able to identify and even suspect the action of the poison.

Our poisons were specifically designed to resist medical examination and inability to detect. We do not use stupid poisons from pharmacy concentrates, the poisoning of which is determined by experts with 100% probability. Poisoning a person to death with a primitive like aconite or hellebore water is not as easy as one would like and will definitely be discovered by the police.

We have poisons that mimic Covid-19 forms. There are poisons that mimic a severe form of the flu.

They will kill the victim in a few days. The formula of poisons contains immune blocking components and a person will die with a 100% probability even if he is in intensive care. Poisons are not detected by examination.

Our transdermal gel for transferring poisons through the skin is not a banal dimexide from a pharmacy, but another substance from modern cosmetology, which is much more effective and overcomes skin membranes instantly, dragging poison into the body along with it.

This is the mechanism of this service.

The performer will imperceptibly or by a cunning trick touch the victim with a poisoned “hand”. And the poison has been delivered.

After payment, you will be able to select a component and discuss poisons in more detail. Until then, we do not intend to discuss the details and details with you.


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