We remind you that all our prices and conditions are indicated on our website.

Dozens of curious people write to us who just want to talk for the sake of a joke.

Due to the sheer volume of this spam, we are ignoring all emails and messages that are not related to the fact that a Bitcoin payment has been made.

Only after payment, when you send us a link to the bitcoin transaction, we will respond to such a message and take your order to work.

All other messages are ignored:

“Hi, is this real?”

“I don’t agree with everything and I want to change your rules”

“and I’m not sure if you work in my country and city”

“I don’t know how to use bitcoin, teach me otherwise I won’t be able to pay……”

“And I want to discuss the details…..”

There is no point in even trying to write it to us.

Practice has made it clear that all this and much more is just an excuse to start an empty conversation just for the sake of talking.

90% of people are not even going to order anything. They don’t have money or they want a free service. Or they just write for the sake of masturbating to the theory that they seem to be ordering a murder, but when they cum, they immediately leave.

Therefore, we will not even enter into correspondence with you until the payment of bitcoin and the link to the transaction. Information about the methods of buying bitcoin and our payment details are on our website.

We work all over the world.

And we will accept the order for work only after payment and a link to the bitcoin transaction.



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[email protected]



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