What we don’t do:

We don’t work for free!

Don’t spam us emails asking you to kill someone for freebie.

We don’t do petty crime like beatings or burning cars and houses. This is petty crime for street hooligans. Not our level.

We don’t sell our poisons!

If you want to poison a person, then order a poisoning service. No one will get the prototype of our poisons.

We don’t “just talk” to anyone.

All of our prices, services, prices, payment methods and rules, along with bitcoin payment details, are listed on the site.

We ignore emails without paid applications with bitcoin transaction links. We don’t have the time or inclination to have empty talk.

We don’t hire anyone!

Our site is not a labor exchange where anyone can get a job as a killer.

Do you want to get a job? Go to McDonald’s.

Only our people work for us. Professionals and specialists, not dreaming students.


Hire a Hitman – Aggregator of contract killings operating worldwide!