Prices and Payment

The list of services and prices is relevant for all countries and cities:

1) Murder of the “street” standard. The killer uses a firearm, knife or hammer to kill. By default, a street robbery is staged. The smartphone is taken away from the murdered victim, and the wallet is thrown next to the corpse empty without money and credit cards. The police in most countries strongly and unambiguously write this off as “ordinary robbery” because having an unsolved contract killing is a big problem.
Service price150.000$
Lead time from 1 to 7 days.

2) Poisoning by the transdermal method of introducing poison.

Service price – 500.000$
Lead time from 1 to 7 days.

3) Kidnapping followed by murder and disposal of the body Service price – $1.200.000
Lead time from 3 to 14 days.

4) Organization of the accident. The plot of the accident is made up of performers. This case is individual and is completely determined by the performer, not the customer. The customer can only advise on likely methods, such as staging a car accident. But since the task of a guaranteed “accident” is set before the performer, it is he who chooses the most realistic method so that the police and experts believe in the accident of what happened.
Service price – 2.000.000$
Lead time from 7 to 14 days.

Our website only accepts paid orders.

We don’t work for free.

Due to the fact that dozens and hundreds of outright spam letters are written to our contact emails and instant messengers, such as requests to kill someone for free, or every riffraff writes pleas to give him a gun with a silencer and send a killer to work – we ignore all letters and messages except those which are written on the fact of the perfect payment for the order with the details of the order.

It is the perfect payment according to the bitcoin requisite we have opened on the site that activates the execution of the order and the establishment of contact with you, and not the email with the text “I am ready to pay” that we often write to attract our attention and chat and talk as a result without paying anything and without ordering.

We don’t have the time or inclination to entertain anyone with conversation. Therefore, the order curator will contact only those who send an email with the heading “I paid” in which there will be a screenshot of the payment and a link to the bitcoin transaction. Letters without payment are ignored.

We require standard data for ordering:
1) Name Surname of the Victim
2) 10 photos are more than enough, but at least one.
3) Addresses of the place of residence and work of the victim, data on the presence of a car.
It is desirable to add a maximum of any information, but at least this above minimum is sufficient. If necessary, we will find out the rest ourselves. There are people for this too.

In order to pay our services or goods you need to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

We are criminal service and do not accept payment in other ways such as credit cards, Paypal, bank accounts, etc.
Only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

First you will need to register on one of the cryptocurrency exchangers and buy bitcoin in any way convenient for you, such as paying the credit card. After that, Bitcoin will be credited to your account balance on the exchange exchange. From there you can send Bitcoin to our wallet transaction. 


Please note that the Commission for the exchange of money on Bitcoin on the stock exchange you pay. Thus, you will need an average of + 3000-5000 € more than the order amount to pay for it.

Example, taking into account the exchange of Bitcoin, to buy a service at € 150.000, you will need € 155,000 +/-
But two different exchanges with private exchange proposals, everything is individually, all private exchangers have their own commissions, limits, payment options and conditions. Exchanges can be contacted by different ways to quickly communicate and discuss the conditions.

You can filter out the search for the country, the city, the city, the payment method and the desired cryptocurrency. From the list of private suggestions, try to choose exchangers with a well-established reputation. Before you pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency, any exchanger enrolls it on the balance of the exchange in the Holder freeze deposit. The exchange performs an intermediary function. In some cases, it is possible to agree on other terms of exchange individually.



Check with specific exchangers in more detail.

If you really need our services, you can easily deal with this simple payment process. Other options besides the payment of cryptocurrency, we do not accept.



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