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In this section, we briefly explain the format of our organization so that you understand who you are contacting for a service.

Our organization has been providing contract killings since before the age of the Internet. We take our roots from private military companies, and contract killings are still predominantly performed by former military mercenaries. There were connections through which people found us and hired us not for military purposes but for ordinary crime. Time has passed and a lot has changed.

The popularization of Internet technologies and the wide demand for contract killings convinced our organization to reorganize 100%. We continue to recruit military personnel for our tasks around the world through the old channels, but we have not limited ourselves to this.

The HeadHunter team was created to search for and recruit killers through the Internet, social networks, forums, bulletin boards. We have our own methods of searching, recruiting and processing the training of people. And we recruit them all over the world in all countries and cities. We are an English-language aggregator, but we use a translator program both to communicate with clients and our HeadHunters use the same to communicate with recruited people.

|||WARNING. There is no need to write to us begging to take you to work, specifically we do not need and are not interested in you, no matter who you are. On this site, you can only order a murder. There are a lot of freeloaders and dreamers on the Internet who fantasize that we will give them a couple of pistols and give them a job as a killer.
If we hired any trash, we would have gone bankrupt long ago.|||

Our organization does not just look for and recruit mercenaries, we invest money in their training and qualifications, they are sent training briefings. They pass a kind of certification from our curators and they will never receive even $ 1 in advance until they complete the task. Our performers always do their job and we really have a LOT of them. Their number far exceeds the number of orders, and in fact most of them are “sleeper agents” working 2-3 times a year.

Our mercenaries are in all civilized countries of the world and are located in every metropolis – our people are available for work in any region. Mandatory knowledge of spoken English +, if necessary, the study of any regional language at the level of a “tourist phrasebook” are standard requirements for performers. As a rule, in our native region, we send local performers to work. Foreign killers are used only in particularly complex cases in the event that there is no “native” suitable for professionalism nearby.

Since most orders are “simple murder with robbery” or “hidden transdermal poisoning” there is no need for professionals, these orders are handled flawlessly by experienced standard-level specialists. In the case of ordering kidnapping or organizing a fatal accident, only professionals “former military” are automatically sent, and in groups, not singles.

We maintain 2 laboratories for the production of high quality toxins that are created for transdermal covert injection into the victim’s body. Toxins that mimic or cause death from natural causes, such as a heart attack or stroke, as well as infection with special types of poisons that kill in a couple of days and look like Covid-19 in symptoms. This is only a part of the available toxins and developments. Medical expertise is powerless against them.

There is access to underground weapons workshops in all metropolitan areas of the world, our performers are left with a treasure with weapons or toxin where they have to work.
We are an organized, branched and mutually independent company. Our laboratories are separate, our weapons workshops are separate, our military killers are separate and unfamiliar individuals or groups, as well as freelance mercenaries whom we recruit. All these are separate cells of one organization that do not know about each other, which is controlled by the center.

No one knows for whom exactly they work, to whom they sell treasures with weapons and for whom they develop toxins. No one knows whose order to kill he is carrying out. The killer doesn’t even know which particular office he works for. This is how our system is organized.
We exist precisely as a system, and not as a criminal-mafia community that can be detected, calculated and identified.


Our website only accepts paid orders. We don’t work for free. Due to the fact that dozens and hundreds of outright spam letters are written to our contact emails and instant messengers, such as requests to kill someone for free, or every riffraff writes pleas to give him a gun with a silencer and send a killer to work – we ignore all letters and messages except those which are written on the fact of the perfect payment for the order with the details of the order.

It is the perfect payment according to the bitcoin requisite we have opened on the site that activates the execution of the order and the establishment of contact with you, and not the email with the text “I am ready to pay” that we often write to attract our attention and chat and talk as a result without paying anything and without ordering.

We don’t have the time or inclination to entertain anyone with conversation. Therefore, the order curator will contact only those who send an email with the heading “I paid” in which there will be a screenshot of the payment and a link to the bitcoin transaction. Letters without payment are ignored.

We require standard data for ordering:
1) Name Surname of the Victim
2) 10 photos are more than enough, but at least one.
3) Addresses of the place of residence and work of the victim, data on the presence of a car.
– It is desirable to add a maximum of any information, but at least this above minimum is sufficient. If necessary, we will find out the rest ourselves. There are people for this too.



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